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Reviews of Creative Cabin training for creative professionals

1-2-1 After Effects training

Sighvatur Jónsson | SIGVA media

The 1-2-1 After Effects training course at Creative Cabin was just what I needed to speed up my work in After Effects, which I’m using more and more alongside Premiere Pro for video production. The course gave me a better understanding of the interface of After Effects. I also learned about optimizing the workflow for making different kind of graphics for various projects, from simple web videos to complex documentaries.

Angie is an experienced graphic artist as well as a tutor, who knows how to communicate in both a relaxed and professional manner. The preparation for the course is also worth a mention. Angie provided me with an online survey for the evaluation of my level of experience. As a result of this survey, the course material was customized and prepared with focus on my own needs. Nevertheless there was room for making changes to the program during the two days course.

The location of the Creative Cabin, in a quiet suburb of the beautiful city of Brighton, adds the final touch. For me it was just a matter of jumping on the bus outside my hotel, enjoying the ride through the city and walk for just a few minutes to the Cabin from the bus stop.

I think it’s of high value to take a “custom made” course like this. As soon as I arrived back home I was already utilizing my new knowledge on my current projects at SIGVA media.

Infographics training with After Effects & C4D

Infographics training | Adrian Spencer

Head of Production – The Post People

I am a director of post-production company based in Oxford, specialising in providing both creative and technical support to local production companies. Everything from Storyboarding to conceptual works, chrome keying, paint and roto.

We had a series of infographic style animations which required extensive character animation work and Angie was our first choice of Tutor/Mentor.
Creative Cabin is a gem of a find. A perfect get-away from the hustle and bustle, in idyllic surroundings. As well as being an extremely experienced trainer/instructor, Angie is the perfect host.

I highly recommend Creative Cabin for Motion graphics artists working at any level (you can always improve!) Angie is a very patient teacher and excels at problem solving. I will definitely return for more training.

After Effects course

After Effects course | Nick Kennedy

Motion Graphic Designer | TVN Berlin

I visited the Creative Cabin in December 2014 and spent two days learning After Effects with Angie Taylor. I have been using After effects for just over 5 years, in that time I had read lots of training books and used lots of online training resources and was at a point where I felt my work wasn’t really progressing. Then I heard about the bespoke training at Creative Cabin.

Before my visit I was able to discuss with Angie what I wanted to learn, showed her examples of work that inspired me and I wanted to be able to achieve a similar standard. Angie really covered every aspect and more, not only helping me improve my daily workflow but also a massive amount of tips and tricks that you don’t find an any books or you tube videos. This is where Angie’s experience really comes into its own, being able to ask questions on a one to one basis (and ask again when I didn’t quite understand), means my understanding of the motion design process and After Effects has greatly increased.

Additional to the time spent training with angie, the creative cabin has the added advantage that in the evening I could continue practising the aspects learnt during the day and new questions, which inevitably arrise, were answered the next day.

It was a very intensive two days, which I would highly recomend to everyone, Angie is a great trainer, really patient, and I think its great how she enjoys sharing her vast knowledege, and of course her very beautful home. And she’s a great cook! I recomend the meal options that Angie offers, not only does it save time (which can be spent after effecting) Angies currys taste great too!

So six months after my visit to the Creative Cabin, I have been asked to do a complete re-design of all the packaging for a daily show. I think this really is a sign that not only have I notice the improvements to my work but my Clients have too! Its always worth investing in education and my visit to the Creative Cabin is paying off for me already. Thanks Angie

Adobe Lightroom training

Ted – Photographer from Brighton

Angie kindly gave me some 1-2-1 tuition on Lightroom.  I am a hobby photographer who has changed over from 35mm film to digitial, but had not started to retouch my own images yet.

With Angie’s help, I now feel more confident with starting to retouch my own work.  I know nothing about Lightroom before the tuition, so she was very patient with showing this newbie around the basic Lightroom functions.

I will be downloading Lightroom and playing with importing my new images, so that I can then get the hang of that, then I will be after another tuition session from Angie, concentrating more on the actual retouching side of things.  The Creative Cabin is  well recommended by me.

Recording video tutorials

Maxim Jago

Film Director/ Trainer –

Maxim rented the Creative Cabin for a week to record video tutorials for his training courses at The Cabin is a nice, quiet place to record, with all the facilities needed.

I just had my first experience of the Creative Cabin. I work long hours and like to stretch my legs from time to time. There’s nothing quite like stepping out for fresh air and seeing a family of foxes, birds in the trees and a sunset across a wide open horizon. The cabin is like a secret place, far from the madding crowd, with wifi… Loved it!

Motion graphics training

Rosie Lewis – Architect & Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer trying to move into the world of motion I’ve struggled with online tutorials for months, trying to find help for the specific area I need and getting my head around After Effects vast array of tools. It got to the point where the sheer volume of stuff on the net was making it impossible for me to make any real progress. Knowing what my end goal could be, let alone how to get there, was a challenge, but then I came across the Creative Cabin knew straight away it was exactly what I needed.

Cliffs near the Creative Cabin

First of all Angie is a very patient, knowledgeable teacher – you can tell she’s been training people for a long time because even the most complex techniques became accessible and logically understood. Her knowledge of the software is exceptional, all those check boxes and sub menus most of us can only dream about remembering were on the tip of her tongue and although we were mainly focussing on After Effects we touched on other programs as well, such as Illustrator. Even though I use Illustrator day in day out, after only a few minutes working with the files I’d brought with me, I discovered illustrator tips and shortcuts which I can’t believe I didn’t know sooner!

I arrived as a beginner to animation so we began with some fundamentals. Working through projects Angie had ready for my arrival gave me a great basis for understanding the program. Very quickly though we moved onto work specifically suited to my needs. Due to the type of work I’m in, and what output I’m after, Angie explained that some of the techniques we went through were more advanced than would ordinarily be taught to a beginner. But by cutting out a lot of stuff that was less relevant to me and tailoring my training, I was able to start to grasp these ideas and I’m sure I picked up far more than I would ever have done on a more generic, group course.


The setup of the cabin is superb. Everything is very clean and comfortable, I ate outside on the patio with amazing views to the sea on both days. The living space is equipped with everything you could need for a short stay and Angie was a great host, nothing was too much trouble and her cooking is delicious! I wondered down to the cliffs before we began training on the second day…I can really recommend doing it if you get the chance, the scenery is wonderful and coming from London it was a great way to escape the hectic head space.

I am hoping to return to the cabin once I’ve practiced the things I learnt this week. I am also armed with some of Angie’s extra video tutorials as well as the knowledge that she is very happy to give ongoing support if I get stuck on anything she taught me.

All in all I cannot recommend this training enough. Being able to tailor your training to exactly what you need saves so much time and wasted money. Angie also had great creative ideas which helped me to think about things in with a new perspective, breaking away from the confines of print design and sharing her passion for motion!

Kevin Ellis BSkyB

Kevin Ellis

Motion graphic designer, BSkyB

Training courses usually just touch on a range of subjects at introductory level and this approach can mean spending valuable training time covering subjects that you may already know or don’t need.

With Angie she really tailored the training to just the areas that I needed to focus on and adapted as we went along allowing me to really understand and not just skim over new techniques and approaches.

I left feeling I’d gained valuable understanding and work flow experience that would have been difficult to get on broader training course or at the work place. A Great couple of days.

Advanced After Effects & Illustrator training

Phil Bearman

Motion Graphic Designer

Like many motion graphics designers, I’m entirely self taught. In the early years of my career I spent a lot of time following tutorials, reading the Meyers’ fantastic books, and watching Total Training videos, alongside doing a lot of experimental work in After Effects.

10 years later, and I’ve been fortunate to build a successful business which has kept me very busy and earning a comfortable living throughout.

“When you stop learning, your work can start to look tired and repetitive”

I’m a firm believer that you should never stop learning, and with software applications as mature and ‘deep’ as After Effects there’s always something new to discover. Unfortunately the downside to being very busy all of the time is that it’s difficult to find time to learn. When you stop learning, your work can start to look tired and repetitive, and you can end up working on ‘auto pilot’ which is both boring and unsatisfying.

Whilst browsing Facebook recently, I landed on Angie Taylor’s page, and one of her posts was promoting something called the “Creative Cabin”.

For those who aren’t familiar with Angie, she is a long-established motion graphics designer who has become well known for her teaching, through books, video tutorials, seminars and classroom teaching, as well as being a regular contributor to community forums.

The Creative Cabin is a residential studio space near Brighton, UK, which Angie has set up. The studio can either be booked as part of a one-to-one training course with Angie or purely as accommodation, providing a space for you to work on creative projects away from your usual working environment which can be a great boost to creativity.

The Creative Cabin appealed to me in three ways:

• Firstly, as an opportunity to take a break from work (as with many self-employed people, I don’t take nearly enough holiday time!)

• Secondly, to do some much needed learning to reinvigorate my passion and creativity, away from the pressures of deadlines, emails and the phone ringing

• Thirdly, to spend some time talking with a fellow motion graphics designer.

“Unlike the USA, with it’s many “After Effects User Groups”, the UK doesn’t really have a social scene for motion graphics”

Although I’ve been ‘in the business’ for 10 years, I’ve never actually spent any time in the company of fellow motion graphics designers. Unlike the USA, with it’s many “After Effects User Groups”, the UK doesn’t really have a social scene for motion graphics and this makes it difficult to meet other designers if you are self-employed. So the closest I’ve come to socialising is via the online forums, which just isn’t the same as being face-to-face with somebody.

So I booked a two day course at the Creative Cabin and a few weeks later took a train from Manchester to Brighton. From here I took a short bus journey out to the Creative Cabin which is actually situated out of town, slightly further along the coast. Before getting down to work, Angie showed me around the newly refurbished studio which has a picturesque view out over her garden to the sea.

Creative Cabin accomodation

The studio is equipped with basic cooking facilities to allow self-catering (sink, fridge, combi microwave oven), a comfortable double bed, and shower room with underfloor heating, plus there’s an outdoor patio area so you can sit and enjoy the garden and sea view.

At the ‘business end’, there is a large desk which you can either set your own computer up on, or use a provided Mac which has the Adobe Creative Collection installed along with Cinema 4D.

Prior to arriving, I had discussed my requirements with Angie by email. I knew Angie was experienced at 2D character animation, which is an area I’ve shied away from in the past but needed to master for a forthcoming project. So I brought some illustrated characters with me, and together we worked through bringing them to life in After Effects, starting with preparing the artwork in Illustrator, then breaking it down and animating the various components using a combination of methods.

Despite ten years of using After Effects, there were still loads of little AE tips and shortcuts that I picked up from Angie over the course of the two days, but where I actually gained most was from what Angie taught me about using Illustrator.

I’ve been using Illustrator for as long as I’ve been using After Effects, but have only scraped the surface of what it’s capable of – I’ve never explored its features properly (always wanting to jump back to After Effects at the soonest opportunity!) and was really excited to discover just what is possible with Illustrator when you delve in a bit further.

We also did a bit of training in Cinema 4D – another package I’ve been using for years, but only as a secondary tool to AE, so had a list of ‘weak areas’ which we explored.

“she’s a great teacher, and has a warm, friendly personality which immediately puts you at ease”

I found Angie extremely easy to learn from and get along with – she’s a great teacher, and has a warm, friendly personality which immediately puts you at ease (important when you’re going to spend two days sat at a desk together!). An added bonus is her Scottish East-Coast accent which, as anyone who has watched her tutorials video will know, is very easy on the ears!

In the evening I decided it would be nice to try one of the local pubs for dinner, as recommended by Angie, and she was kind enough to give up her evening and join me for dinner. We had a great chat about how we’d got into the industry, the highs and lows of being a self-employed motion graphics designer, and discovered shared interests (DJing, cooking and gardening) which gave us plenty to chat about. It was really refreshing to chat to somebody about work without fear of boring them(!) and who had been through all the same kind of experiences along the way. The food was also good, as promised!

Cliff-top view in Peacehaven close to the Creative Cabin

I like to go for a run first thing in the morning (an essential stress-buster and counter-balance for the sedentary day sat in front of a monitor) – the Creative Cabin is situated close to a cliff-top, which provided a picturesque route for jogging and fresh sea air – a perfect start to the day!

“I came away feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated”

My two-day stay was everything I hoped it would be – I came away feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated, excited to use the new skills and tricks I’ve picked up from Angie. It’s been a pleasure to meet her and we will undoubtedly keep in touch.

I would recommend Angie and the Creative Cabin to anyone who wants to sharpen up their creative skills – whether you’re a complete novice, or an experienced professional – or to anyone who wants a change of scenery to work on a creative project, and I wish Angie every success with this new venture.

A break from the norm

Jamie | Adventurer


“It was just what I wanted – a cozy place to get away from London life and be near the sea – to walk and feast my eyes on beautiful scenery.

The cabin has a very comfortable bed and from there I could see the sea, while waiting for the rain to stop.

The bathroom has an underfloor heater, which kept my feet toasty when getting from the bed to the loo.

I was able to rest, enjoy seeing bunnies in the garden, and Phil the pheasant, while listening to birdsong upon waking.

Angie was on hand to help, and yet left me to my own devices when I needed to be alone. I recommend a visit, but do it soon, as it is going to be very popular.”

Motion graphics course

Motion graphics course | Nico Jones

Motion Graphics Artist
Big Button TV

“My professional life as a Motion Graphics Artist can be divided neatly into two parts – before and after Angie Taylor. Within one training session she had solved a number of issues that had troubled me for over a year, shone a clear light on some bad habits, and opened doors to countless techniques I hadn’t even considered. Three years on my output is virtually unrecognizable from my early work; I’d hate to see what I’d be producing had I not had the good fortune to be able to learn from Angie’s near-outrageous levels of technical and creative expertise. In addition, her post-training support has helped me out of many a tight spot.

Motion Graphics course | Big Button TV work example

I think having a good ‘mentor’ is something that is under-appreciated in today’s age of impersonal video tutorials, useful though they are. Interacting with someone who can not only answer your questions but inspire you, will allow anyone to improve faster than they may have thought possible. I believe a session, or simply a conversation with Angie Taylor will certainly be enough to convince you of this.”