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Cinema 4D Lite Tutorials

Cinema 4D Lite Tutorials from

Up and Running with CINEMA 4D Lite for After Effects

with Angie Taylor

Cinema 4D Lite tutorials

Intimidated by 3D modeling packages? Dip a toe in the water with CINEMA 4D (C4D) Lite, a slimmed down version of CINEMA 4D included with After Effects CC. Motion graphics designer Angie Taylor shows you how to build a complete sequence in C4D Lite, progressing from initial object modeling, to animation, lighting, camera rigging, texturing, and final render. Plus, learn to animate text, create random movement with wiggle expressions, track cameras in live-action footage to add new 3D elements, and light your scene. Angie also round-trips the project files to After Effects for visual effects and color correction. With over 100 videos, this course allows you to explore almost every aspect of 3D motion graphics creation, within this accessible introductory tool.

Topics include:

  • What is CINEMA 4D Lite?
  • Understanding the CINEMA 4D Lite and After Effects CC workflow
  • Editing primitive objects
  • Spline modeling with NURBS
  • Animating with keyframes
  • Using Xpresso to link properties
  • Importing music and soundtracks
  • Creating and animating cameras
  • Working with text
  • Scripting
  • Creating and applying materials and textures
  • 3D camera tracking
  • Compositing layers
  • Lighting with visible lights and ambient occlusion
  • Adding visual effects in After Effects
  • Rendering in After Effects and the Adobe Media Encoder

What is CINEMA 4D Lite?

Using the Picture Viewer in CINEMA 4D

Linking body parts using object hierarchy

Adding surface detail with a Relief object

Understanding coordinates

Understanding rotation

Keyframe interpolation

Creating multiple cameras in CINEMA 4D Lite

Creating a wiggle expression

Casting shadows on layers in CINEWARE

Multipass compositing explained

Layer styles

Motion graphics training

Rosie Lewis – Architect & Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer trying to move into the world of motion I’ve struggled with online tutorials for months, trying to find help for the specific area I need and getting my head around After Effects vast array of tools. It got to the point where the sheer volume of stuff on the net was making it impossible for me to make any real progress. Knowing what my end goal could be, let alone how to get there, was a challenge, but then I came across the Creative Cabin knew straight away it was exactly what I needed.

Cliffs near the Creative Cabin

First of all Angie is a very patient, knowledgeable teacher – you can tell she’s been training people for a long time because even the most complex techniques became accessible and logically understood. Her knowledge of the software is exceptional, all those check boxes and sub menus most of us can only dream about remembering were on the tip of her tongue and although we were mainly focussing on After Effects we touched on other programs as well, such as Illustrator. Even though I use Illustrator day in day out, after only a few minutes working with the files I’d brought with me, I discovered illustrator tips and shortcuts which I can’t believe I didn’t know sooner!

I arrived as a beginner to animation so we began with some fundamentals. Working through projects Angie had ready for my arrival gave me a great basis for understanding the program. Very quickly though we moved onto work specifically suited to my needs. Due to the type of work I’m in, and what output I’m after, Angie explained that some of the techniques we went through were more advanced than would ordinarily be taught to a beginner. But by cutting out a lot of stuff that was less relevant to me and tailoring my training, I was able to start to grasp these ideas and I’m sure I picked up far more than I would ever have done on a more generic, group course.


The setup of the cabin is superb. Everything is very clean and comfortable, I ate outside on the patio with amazing views to the sea on both days. The living space is equipped with everything you could need for a short stay and Angie was a great host, nothing was too much trouble and her cooking is delicious! I wondered down to the cliffs before we began training on the second day…I can really recommend doing it if you get the chance, the scenery is wonderful and coming from London it was a great way to escape the hectic head space.

I am hoping to return to the cabin once I’ve practiced the things I learnt this week. I am also armed with some of Angie’s extra video tutorials as well as the knowledge that she is very happy to give ongoing support if I get stuck on anything she taught me.

All in all I cannot recommend this training enough. Being able to tailor your training to exactly what you need saves so much time and wasted money. Angie also had great creative ideas which helped me to think about things in with a new perspective, breaking away from the confines of print design and sharing her passion for motion!