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Bespoke After Effects training | Spring & Summer 2018

Simon Haynes | Sh Creative |

There are two things you should know about Angie:
1. she’s serious about training, and approaches the learning experience with the aim to teach you properly
2. she is an expert in her field, and has a vast amount of knowledge to share with you

To date, I’ve had two training sessions with her. Both times my experience was that Angie went further to help you to consolidate your learning. As an example, several issues arose during the training sessions – from work I had created before arriving. Angie spent time outside the training time to consider solutions and came back with clear and concise answers for me to progress with. In other words, Angie is not simply engaged with training, she wants to make sure you get what you want from your time with her.

The training area is a good set up, the space is calm and peaceful – everything you need is there. Take a hard drive for back ups and taking away your learning.

I took advantage of being able to stay at the Cabin too, this is well worth it. You can spend time after training consolidating and practising your learning. 2 days is great as you have time to consider what you’re learning and question/revisit, if required.

I would suggest, no matter what level you’re at, it’s worth having a chat with Angie to see what she can offer in terms of training and support – that’s if you’re serious about training, of course.