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Creative Cabin training courses are unique. We tailor our training to perfectly suit your needs. All of our courses include training files, personal after training support and a free month of access to all Linkedin Learning courses.

After Effects

Learn how to create stunning motion graphic designs, animation and visual effects. After Effects is the industry standard for compositing, VFX and mograph. Angie spent 25 years as a motion graphic designer. Learn from a designer with an extensive working knowledge of this powerful application.

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Adobe Photoshop

https://creative-cabin.co.uk/character-animator-training/Adobe Photoshop is an essential software application for every designer or artist. It’s the industry standard for photo-retouching, image editing, color treatments, graphics and web design. Learn from a designer with 25 years of experience with this increcible creative application.

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Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing application. In this course you’ll learn how to edit videos for the web, broadcast and all other media with ease. Learn color correction, audio editing and applying motion graphics and visual effects to your edits.

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Character Animator

Character Animator is amazing. Import a layered image from Photoshop or Illustrator and add automatic animation to them. Add walk cycles with the click of a button. Make them dance by copying your moves via your webcam. Automatically lip sync to audio files or microphone input. The possibilities are endless.

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Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a powerful application used for 3D modelling and animation. In this course you’ll learn how to build 3D models, add cameras & lights to a scene. Angie will teach you how to animate your 3D models and use the Mograph features to create compelling motion graphics and animation.

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Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is a fantastic, creative application. It is used to create illustration, graphic design and images for the web, broadcast, motion graphics, animation and print. Learn how to draw your own illustrations or adapt exisiting images to fit your designs. Learn how to optimize your images exacty for the output you need.

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Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer has changed the world of graphic design. It’s a powerful, super-smooth app which improves your workflow and allows your creativity to shine. Anyone who loves drawing, design or illustration (or anyone who misses Macromedia Freehand!) would enjoy learning this software.

Affinity Photo

Pitched as the main competition to Photoshop, Affininty photo is taking the design world by storm. If you could create your own photo editing software, it would work like this. Whether it’s quick corrections, delicate retouching, or immersing yourself in complex fine art with hundreds of layers, our Affinity Photo training has you covered.

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Angie has created some free tutorials for you to watch. This gives you an idea of Angie’s teaching style. Angie has lots of other free tutorials on Youtube. You can subscribe to her Youtube channel here.

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Angie is a Linkedin Learning instructor. She has several premium courses available on Linkedin Learning that you can access with a membership. If you don’t already have a membership you can get a free trial by subscribing to the Creative Cabin newsletter here.

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