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Getting inspiration and coming up with ideas

How do you come up with new ideas?

Check out my free tutorial on Getting inspiration and coming up with ideas. This movie is part of my new workshop on Project planning and development for motion graphic design projects.

Getting Inspiration

If you want more training on this or other aspects of motion graphic design you can book a one to one course here on the bookings page.

More about this course

To create innovative motion graphics on a deadline, solid software skills alone won’t cut it. Successful designers also understand how to come up with—and execute—their creative concepts in an effective and professional manner. In this course, learn practical techniques for tackling the planning and development stage of your projects. Instructor Angie Taylor puts these strategies in context by taking you though the development of an online advertisement, and showcasing the different techniques used throughout her workflow. She explains how to apply the same approach to your own creative project, and how to generate ideas that take into account both audience demographics and client needs. She helps you determine a graphic style for your project and develop a linear story. Angie also covers how to tackle project planning, budgeting, and the creation of a working After Effects project structure.

Topics include:

  • Interpreting creative briefs
  • Getting inspiration and coming up with ideas
  • Gathering information about your viewers
  • Researching for motion graphic design projects
  • Differentiating your design
  • Developing a linear story
  • Using scrapbooks to rough out ideas
  • Planning motion graphic projects
  • Using Gantt charts
  • Gathering resources for motion graphic designs
  • Using Creative Commons and public domain images