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Motion graphic design

Become an expert in motion graphic design

Our intensive course on motion graphic design takes place at our training centre near Brighton. The course introduces you to the core principles every motion graphic designer needs to know in order to create great-looking design and animation.

This course is perfect for anyone who is self-taught or individuals moving into motion graphic design from another discipline. The course focusses on the creative aspects of a designer’s job. Areas that can be easily overlooked when learning software.

Principles of motion graphic design

Angie focusses on the core design principles that help every designer make decisions. Find out exactly how and why certain elements work in a design environment. How to choose colours that work. How to time animation so that it’s engaging and entertaining. How to balance images and patterns. Angie can even teach you how to draw!

These principles have been developed over generations by the worlds greatest artists and designers. Most designers spend several years at art college learning about these principles, this prepares them well for a career in motion graphic design.

Self-taught designers may not have the time or finances available to enrol on degree-level courses. Angie will teach you the most important aspects in a succinct and direct way. She’ll also point you towards further reading material so you can continue learning after completing the course.

Call us today on 01273 782931 to find out more about this course or send us an email via our online booking form.

Topics covered

The course is based on Angie’s top-selling book, Design Essentials for the Motion Media Artist. Here’s a list of subjects covered with links to the first page from each chapter of Angie’s book. Topics include;

1 – Drawing

2 – Planning

First page PDF

3 – Composition

4 – Animation

First page PDF

5 – Type

First page PDF

 6 – Color

First page PDF

 7 – Editing

First page PDF

 8 – Communication

First page PDF

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